Why RFS Studio

Its Our Great Pleasure To Present You Our Website !

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to the world of creativity and innovation hare at the institute of RFS Design studio! From over a decade rfs that stands for rank, future and success has been nurturing students and people to help their dream blossom into the field of design and architecture. It represents the world of designing as a vast array to build up one’s future and lead the pathway to success. It comprises of well educated faculty members and in addition to that it provides teaching by the world fame Prof. Raj Chitrakar. Each and every member of the faculty here is well versed with fashion design and architecture creative fields. RFS Design studio provides the best facility for students which include a well designed studio room along with quit spacious and comfortable classroom in order to allow the future designers to work comfortably and feel innovative. It not only teaches you and makes you ready for your future but transmits you completely into the world of designing.

Prof Raj Chitrakar and RFS DESIGN sTUDIO always feels their duty bound to create awareness to in the society of Bihar and alert fresh aspirants and their parents against mushrooming coaching Institute in the Patna Bihar. These institutes have been misguiding people by boasting of their false propaganda of bright future. They display false results of their hypothetical students and brag about their admissions in Metropolitan City centers like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Rather, they get the students admitted to privately run Colleges. RFS Team solicits you to attend free Design Awareness classes and pay a visit to RFS DESIGN sTUDIO to know about the quality of education, healthy and homely environment and for top results in NID, NIFT, JEE-B.Arch and NATA. Only then does their chances of enrolment increases in their dream institute. RFS provides a good study environment for students. It has separate faculty for separate topics. With great infrastructure of conference rooms, large classrooms and offices, students feel more at ease than a rather stressed study environment. It has been timely organizing exhibitions by the student-made models as part of their preparation for NIFT Situation Test, NID Studio Tests and more.

RFS Design studio also introduces you to a rich collection of study materials on NID, NIFT, B.ARCH and NATA and provides you a healthy, innovative and rich environment to work and develop your skills more innovative and creative. In addition to this it also helps to develop your personality and expose you to a professional level, makes you self independent, disciplined, hard working but above all a creative person. It gives all the necessary information about the entire syllabus for NID, NIFT, NATA & JEE B.ARCH not only this, it also provides students with top 20 test series and their solutions in a simple and easy manner. Other than this, RFS Design studio prepares you for NID studio test, interview and portfolio tips; along with that it will provide you with NID entrance book and RFS Design studio practice paper/package for NID entrance and NIFT entrance. RFS Design studio will also provide you with quality study for mock test with RFS Design studio master plan complete solutions for NID, NIFT, JEE B.ARCH and NATA.

Since 15 years, RFS Design studio has been able to maintain its place as one of the best premier entrance exam coaching institute in BIHAR which acts as an iron hand for the knowledge and education for design and architecture in INDIA. Finally we welcome all the aspirant designers and architects to come and become a part of us and get involve into the list of true gems emerging from our institute.